Do you have enough Cash for the next 18 months? Do you need to raise money? How will revenue look in 5 years? Get further insight to how your business is performing with key metrics.

  • Expense Trend Analysis
  • Quarterly Forecasts
  • Annual Budgets
  • Board Presentations
  • Debt Covenants
  • KPI’s
  • MRR

Finance FAQs

Do you provide 409A valuations?

We do not provide valuations, however, we can get your financials ready for 409A valuations and connect you with local firms who we have worked with in the past.

Can I get monthly Budget vs. Actual or Forecast vs. Actual analysis?

Yes, we can provide monthly analysis as needed.

What is MRR?

MRR, or Monthly Recurring Revenue, is a metric many services and software companies use to anticipate the income that is generated every 30 days.